1. BQDTRX101

  2. BQD046 Arno & Dana Ruh - The Dail Up EP

  3. BQD045 Formas - NEAR FUTURE EP

  4. BQD044 Christopher Ledger - MPC SKETCHES

  5. BQD043 Giuliano Lomonte - DRAMADAM EP

  6. BQD042 Kamran Sadeghi - COMPOUND EYE

  7. BQD041 Christopher Ledger - PROSPETTIVA E PERCEZIONE


  9. BQD40.3 Various Artists - Future

  10. BQD40.2 Various Artists - Present

  11. BQD40.1 Various Artists - Past

  12. BQD039 Oshana Multiverse EP

  13. BQD038 Fernando Costantini - Moments EP
    Fernando Costantini

  14. BQD037 Dana Ruh - Yardang
    Dana Ruh

  15. 2015 "This Is Us"
    Various Artists

  16. BQD034 ANTHEA _ Thing For D

  17. BQD032 VID _ Camelie EP
    VID (Anthea RMX)

  18. BQD31 Dana Ruh _ Mawan
    Dana Ruh (Fred P Reshape)

  19. BQD030 Oshana _ Reminisce
    Oshana (Alejandro Vivanco, Dana Ruh RMX)

  20. BQD029 Andrea Fiorito _ RED
    Andrea Fiorito

  21. BQD028 Anthea & Dana Ruh _ Like A River
    Anthea & Dana Ruh (Nina Soul, Van Bonn RMX)

  22. BQD027 Alex Celler _ The Grooveseeker
    Alex Celler (Dragosh RMX)

  23. BQD023 Dana Ruh _ Sula Nebouxi
    Dana Ruh

  24. BQD022 VID _ Nouinceput

  25. BQD021 Phrasis Veteris _ 25 August
    Phrasis Veteris

  26. BQD020 Nina Soul _ Mancha Solar
    Nina Soul (Faster RMX)

  27. BQD019X ANTHEA _ Polite Symphony
    ANTHEA (Fernando Costantini RMX)

  28. BQD018 Pherox _ Gabrielle
    Pherox (Rhadoo, Beroshima RMX)

  29. BQD017X Van Bonn _ Remote
    Van Bonn

  30. BQD016 Danjel Esperanza _ Twilight
    Danjel Esperanza

  31. BQD014 Danilo Schneider _ Pour mes amis
    Danilo Schneider (Buck RMX)

  32. BQD013 Dana Ruh _ Ramaria Flava
    Dana Ruh

  33. BQD012 The Result _ Flagship
    The Result (Marko Fürstenberg, Signal Deluxe RMX)

  34. BD011 Lula Circus _ Yoko Emoshon
    Lula Circus (Pherox, Danilo Schneider RMX)

  35. BQD010 Danilo Schneider _ Fragrance
    Danilo Schneider (Dana Ruh RMX )

  36. BQD009 Frank Leicher _ Boogie Nights
    Frank Leicher (Patrick Reith RMX)

  37. BQD008 Dana Ruh _ Vochi Vochi
    Dana Ruh (Frank Leicher RMX)

  38. BQD007 Danilo Schneider_ Deep Down
    Danilo Schneider (Guido Schneider RMX)

  39. BQD006 Benjamin Fehr _ Better Thrill
    Benjamin Fehr (Dario Zenker RMX)

  40. BQD05 Green Fiction _ Reflections
    aka Sweet n Candy

  41. BQD004 Dana Ruh & Nvelope _ Flowers
    Dana Ruh & Nvelope (Laurine Frost RMX)

  42. BQD003 Itchy Feet (Split One)
    Danilo Schneider, Frank Leicher

  43. BQD001 Signal Deluxe _ La Primera EP
    Signal Deluxe (Mikael Stavostrand RMX)


BROUQADE Los Angeles, California

BROUQADE is not only the fruit of unbridled optimism but first but foremost the result of determination. We intend to completely devote our long-lived experience within the realms of djing, producing and urban nightlife to the release of electronic music.

" Its music to dance to... The label follows no trend, no hype... The focus is on the music!"

Run by Dana Ruh
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